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[Personal information has been redacted.]



Department of Social Services



The Islamic Republic of Iran

Department of Social Services, Fars Province



Number: 32657

Date: 13-----

Enclosure: -----


In the Name of God


To: The Foundation for the Affairs of the Refugees of Imposed War, Province of Shiraz

From: Branch 1 in Shiraz


Subject: The termination of the pension payment of Mr. Abbas-Ali Zareian-Jahromi, number [redacted]


This is to certify that with reference to letter number 34142/6, dated 9/8/61 [31 October 1982], of the Retirement Administration Office, the pension allowance of the above-mentioned individual is terminated as of the month of Khordad 61 [May/June 1982], due to his membership in the perverse Baha’i sect. This certificate is issued according to his request, dated 12/7/66 [4 October 1987]. 7/12K/0


Social Services, Branch 1 Shiraz

Sameni [signature]

Seddiq [signature]


[Official stamp]

The Association for Retired Staff

Iranian Petroleum Industry – Shiraz

Registration Number 25, date of establishment 1/11/1353 [21 January 1975]


[Official stamp with number and date]

Number: [2100]

Date: 17 Mordad 66 [8 August 1987]

The Director of the Foundation for the Affairs of the Refugees of Imposed War