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National Railways of the Islamic Republic of Iran

In the Name of God

Order to amend or increase pension or disability benefit

Form A - (36-1) 57 State Administration and Employment Affairs

1- Ministry/Institution: National Railways of the Islamic Republic of Iran

2- Employee number: [redacted]

3- Retirement number: [redacted]

4- Details of employee: Name: Mr. Jan-Ahmad; Surname: Hedayati Fard; Father’s name: Hazrat-Gholi; Date of birth: 9 Shahrivar [redacted] [31 August [redacted]]; Identification number: [redacted]; Issued in the [redacted]; gender: Male X

Employment: retired;

6- Date of retirement or disability: 1 Aban 1358 [23 October 1979]

7- Employment: employee A ----- under State Employment Act, ratified as 1301; B ----- included in State Employment Act approved on 31 Khordad 1345 [21 June 1966]; P ----- inclusive of other rules (with mention of type of rules)

8- Judgements: In accordance with Verdict number 1601 [date:] 9 Tir 1369 [30 June 1990] of the Primary Board of Employment Arbitration (number one) of the National Railways of the Islamic Republic of Iran as of 18 Shahrivar 1369 [9 September 1990], your pension is fully terminated.

9- Date and number of the last Order: Date [illegible]-Dey 1358 [[illegible] December 1979] - Number 9011

10- Retirement or disability pension on the last Order: 32,300 rial

11- Retirement or disability pension at present ----- rial

12- Increment ----- rial

13- Debt deducted from retirement

Type of debt ----- Amount of debt (in rial) ----- First instalment (in rial) -----Monthly instalment (in rial) ------ Number of instalments ----- Depreciation date -----

14- Pension or disability benefit is payable to the State Pension Fund after related deductions are made.

15- Date of execution of the Judgment: 18 Shahrivar 1369 [9 September 1990]

16- Date and issue number: Date 24 Shahrivar 1369 [15 September 1990] - Number 27/23444

17- Name and Surname of the responsible authority - Abdol Reza Kiarashi - General Director of Human Resources


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