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Islamic Republic of Iran

Central Trade Council of Boroujen

[Telephone number:] 4005


Date: 12 Tir 1364 [3 July 1985]

Number: 599

Enclosure: ------


Mr Mohammad Motamedi,


According to letter 1987, dated 3 Tir 1364 [24 June 1985] from the esteemed Governor of Boroujen in relation to your clear statement, made at the Governorate Office, regarding your membership in the perverse Baha’i sect, your work permit under any title [trade] hereby is cancelled and considered invalid.


[Signature over the official stamp]

Central Trade Council of Boroujen


[Copy:] To the Respectable Governor of the Boroujen, in connection with the letter number 1987 of 3 Tir 1364 [24 June 1985], for your information.