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In the Name of God

Islamic Republic of Iran

Ministry of Defence and Support for the Armed Forces

Number: 038139-3

Date: 19 /02/ 1371 [9 May 1992]


Telephone -----


From: Department of Pension and Retirement


To: Retired Captain Ghodratollah Heidari-Gazik, son of Mohammad Ali

Subject: Report dated 2 May 1992


According to our investigations, and as per letter number 401-66/500-791, dated 7/08/1363 [29 October 1984] from the Army Revolutionary Prosecutor’s Office, your pension has been stopped because of being Baha'i. In order to reinstate it, please apply to the abovementioned department. 

D. [illegible] Second Brigadier General Mohammad Hosein Pirouz Nia

From [illegible]

Address: [contact details]

[administrative stamp]