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In the Name of God



Bank Sadirat - Mazandaran

Central office - Sari - Imam Square

Phone: 22234-6, Fax: 28651

Date: 4/12/1372 [23 February 1994]

Number: 10133/16



Mr. Farhang Derakhshanian - Code 3410


With reference to your letter of 25/10/1373 [15 January 1995] addressed to the president of the Bank of Saderat of Iran, whereby you requested a reinstatement of your pension, this is to inform [you] that, as previously communicated in letter number 7897/11, dated 18/05/1373 [9 August 1994], in consideration of verdicts issued by the Purging Committee, and review and endorsement of the decision by the Administrative Court of Justice, due to your adherence to Bahaism, it is not possible [to reinstate your pension as requested].

Human Resources Department - Office of Personnel



[official stamp]