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[Adapted from website:] Baha’i World News Service

[Date:] 3 Tir 1388 (24 June 2009)


The probable date of the trial of the leaders of the Baha’i community in Iran on false espionage charges

According to information provided by Evin Prison authorities to the families of seven Baha’i prisoners who have been imprisoned for more than a year, they are scheduled to stand trial on 20 Tir 1388 (11 July 2009). This information was communicated only orally to these families, and since the information given several times about the trial of these individuals was unreliable, it is possible that the Iranian authorities will change this date again for some reason.

The seven were arrested in the spring of 1387 [2008] and have been in prison for more than a year without any formal charges or access to a lawyer. Official news reports from Iran indicate that they have been charged with “espionage for Israel, blasphemy against religious sanctities, and propaganda against the Islamic Republic.”

Apparently, these people are to be tried in Branch 28 of the Revolutionary Court. This is the same court that recently sentenced Roxana Saberi, an Iranian American reporter, to eight years in prison for espionage. She was later released following strong international protests over the politicization of her case and the unfair trial.

“These seven people are facing completely baseless allegations,” said Bani Dugal, the Baha’i International Community’s main representative to the United Nations. “These people and about 30 other Baha’is who are currently imprisoned in Iran are innocent of any charges and their only reason for being imprisoned is their religious beliefs,” she added.