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Date: 21 Aban 1329 [12 November 1950]

Number: 887

Attachment: ---



Ministry of the Interior

Intelligence Department


Law Enforcement Office

The telegraphic report of Boroujen, dated 15 Aban 1329 [6 November 1950] is inserted below. The commander of the army arrived in Boroujen at 13:00 hours [and] issued the necessary and [strict] orders to the law enforcement agents. At 7:00 hours he moved towards Isfahan. Peace and security are prevailing.


On behalf of the head of the Intelligence and Statistics Office



[Handwritten note 1:] [Stamp:] [Law Enforcement Office – signature [illegible] - 15862/N - 21 Aban 1329 [12 November 1950]]

[Handwritten note 2:] To be archived – 21 Aban 1329 [12 November 1950]