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The Ministry of the Interior

Government of Qom

Office: -----

Section: -----

Number: 27

Dated: 26 Jumadat - Thania 1337 [29 March 1919] [8 Farvardin 1298]

Attachment: -----


The distinguished Governor of Tehran, may his glory last forever:

With regard to the conflict which has arisen between the two groups of local residents and Baha’is in Jasb, the repeated instructions and emphasis of the respected governorate of the province and the honourable Ministry of the Interior, have been studied, and according to your instructions, considering the necessary exigencies, actions have been taken. Accordingly, the necessary actions for reconciliation of both groups have been taken. I commissioned Mirza Taqi Khan to take both parties to Jasb for further reconciliation, and he has taken some reconciliatory actions; words of gratitude were received from both groups. And they have both been engaged in their own farming affairs.

The deputy governor of that region, Gholam-Reza Khan, has kept himself maturely aloof, and has sent the renowned Seyyed Abbas to the fore, who has been busy conspiring in the homes of the clergy, assemblies and gatherings. While the gist of the remarks of the gentlemen has been: “Do not dismiss Gholam-Reza as this is an insult to Islam and Sharia”. They have even instructed the Jasb people who reside in Tehran to contact the high-ranking authorities to issue orders.

I observed that, should they achieve unity and engage in conspiracy and extortion of the ordinary farmers, and receive their share of the gains and distribute them among themselves, we would never be relieved of the conflicts and complaints of both parties in Jasb. I became determined to dismiss Gholam-Reza Khan, as I became frustrated with their letters of complaint and remarks. They even forced one of the high-ranking clergy that in addition to his repeated letters, to come to the governorate with a group, requesting in person the reinstatement of Gholam-Reza, which, at that time Gholam-Reza Khan also entered. I told them that “his reinstatement is not possible and he has been dismissed, as of today.” I also consulted the same Mirza Taqi Khan and realized that even that noble person was not serious. Strangely enough, today, the aforementioned Seyyed Abbas came to thank [me] for his dismissal.

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