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Ledger: 7918-M

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Ministry of the Interior

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Exit date: 6 Azar 1329 [27 November 1950]


Head of the Private Office of the Imperial Majesty,

Referring to communication number 4457 of 25 Aban 1329 [16 November 1950], by returning the telegram of Abbas-Gholi Motamed, which was presented to His Imperial Majesty, we submit herewith:

The report sent from the Governorate General of the Tenth Province and the Governorate of Shahrekord has reported a severe dispute between the Muslims and the Baha’is in Boroujen, and recently this dispute has led to a horrible incident. To prevent the continuation of the uprising and actions of the rioters, orders have been issued to the Gendarmerie and National Police Headquarters to take all the necessary precautions to strengthen the armed forces, to assure the security and order of the locality.


[Head of the Disciplinary Department]


1 Azar 1329 [22 November 1950]


Minister of the Interior


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1 Azar 1329 [22 November 1950]