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Ministry of the Interior;

Office: 761

Deciphered code of Isfahan

Date: 1 Aban 1330 [24 October 1951]


Country [Iran]

On Friday, 26 Mehr [19 October] in a garden three kilometres away from Najafabad, a Baha’i by the name of Mohammad Keyvani was murdered. As a result, some conflict and dispute between the Muslims and the Baha’is occurred. Both parties gathered at the telegraph house, sending telegrams to the official and spiritual authorities. After receipt of the news, some police officers and gendarmes were quickly dispatched to the area to prevent further riot and conflict. In this manner, order was established and the residents left the telegraph house. 1217 – 30 Mehr 1330, [23 October 1951].

Abol-Ghasem Amini


[Handwritten 1:] Police Department, 1 Aban [1330] [24 October 1951].

[Handwritten note 2:] No further action needed.