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Date: Tuesday, 29 Mordad 1325 [20 Aug 1946]

Number: 6706




Ministry of the Interior

The Office of the Provincial Governor General of the Tenth Province


The Honourable Prime Minister,

We received letter number 1332 of 1 Mordad 1325 [23 July 1946] from the governorate of Khorramabad, which had been addressed to the governorate of Khorramabad by mistake. It relates to the same matter that we have notified you about in letter number 6237 of 19 Mordad 1325 [10 August 1946] and, with the joint efforts of the governorate office of the tenth province and Shahrekord, the disputes have been resolved.

The Governor General of the Tenth Province – Nader Arasteh

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Archives - 1/34


[Handwritten note 2:]

5 Shahrivar [1325] [27 August 1946]


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Entered in the Office of the Prime Minister

Number: 19994

Date: Friday, 8 Shahrivar 1325 [30 Aug 1946]