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Iran Telecommunications Company

Date: 28 Shahrivar 1371 [19 September 1992]

Number: 113/5299

Enclosure: -----


In the Name of God

Mrs. Paridokht Vahdat-Hagh

Tehran [redacted]


In response to your claim number 11689, dated 6 Tir 1371 [27 June 1992] and other correspondence from you, the Investigatory Department of the Telecommunications Company informs us of the following.

According to the contents of your file, telephone line number [redacted] is registered in the name of Mr. Hosein Vahdat-i-Hagh, and hence you hold no legal standing in relation to said claim. Consequently, said telephone number, in accordance with request number 16468, dated 22 Ordibehesht 1371 [12 May 1992] of the Central Headquarters for the Investigation and Execution of the Orders of the Imam (documented under order number 22794, dated 6 Khordad 1370 [27 May 1991], of the Islamic Revolutionary Court of Tehran) was disconnected and reassigned at said Headquarters.

In view of the foregoing, the Telecommunications Company is unable to pursue the matter. However, you are free to approach the legal authorities with a view to proving your claim.

Davoud Haji Alian

Director, Legal Department


[Administrative stamp]

26 Shahrivar 1371 [17 September 1992]