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[Personal information has been redacted.]


[Date]: 11/4/1359 [01 June 1980]

City telegraph


To his Honour, Mr. Seyyed Abolhasan Banisadr, beloved President of the Islamic Republic of Iran


Respectfully, we inform you of the following.  More than one year has passed since the arrest of our father, Mr. Yousef Sobhani.  He has not yet been put on trial and is spending his time unsure of his fate, although he has not committed any crimes and has been arrested and imprisoned solely on account of religious prejudice.  Despite numerous letters to the responsible authorities, no result has been obtained and his family is extremely worried about him.


We had expected that with the arrival of the New Year, you would extend to us the favour of facilitating his release.  Unfortunately, however, this hope was not realized.


Now that the esteemed Leader of the Revolution has ordered a general amnesty, is it befitting for an innocent person who has spent his whole life with a good reputation, and has not committed any crime-- and is a believer in the oneness of God and the truth of the Great Messenger, peace be upon Him and His progeny, and in the truth of all of the Divine Prophets—to be kept in prison long-term, without being at fault, thereby leaving his family and children in a state of anxiety and adversity, and bring the life of a household to the point of destruction?


We beseech your highness, who at all times with divine [illegible] has been the protector of the oppressed and the defenceless, to issue an order in view of the announcement of the general amnesty of the Leader of the Revolution, to release the head of our household so that we may be freed from this bewilderment.  Be just; that is nearer to righteousness[1]


With expressions of respect


Houshmand, Enayat, Shahdokht, Golshan, Leyli Sobhani


Five signatures


Sender of telegraph: Golshan Sobhani


Address [redacted]


[1] .[Quran 5:8]