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Head Office of the Department of Publication and Propagation

[Without number or date]

[Copy of telegram] dated: 27/2/1323 [17 May 1944] from Abadeh


Esteemed Department of Islamic Propagation, Lalehzar [Street]

Copy to Ayatollah Seyyed Mohammad Behbahani


Are you, who are sympathetic towards and a servant of religion, aware that the National and official religion of Twelver-Imam is being violated by one thousand individuals of the Baha’i party, especially in Abadeh, which recently has been freed from the trampling of the boots of faithless people, and where the voice of Islam has been proclaimed?  But owing to the pressure of non-Muslims and the provocation of the Baha’i officials of our city, we are under pressure so severely that we were forced to escape.  The situation has become worse than before. Guards are [located] at the mosque entrance and prayers meetings are under surveillance.  Several Muslims are detained at the military base.  There is no saviour.  Immediate action [is needed].


Sharifol-Vaezin Abadehie


Copy corresponds with the original [signature], 2/3/1323 [23 May 1944]