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The Ministry of Post, Telegraph and Telephone



From Abadeh to T [Tehran]; Receipt Number: 4657; Telegram Number: 105, Number of Words: 196, Date of Original: 20 [Bahman 1322] [10 February 1944], Date of Receipt: 21 Bahman [1322] [11 February 1944]


Honorable Prime Minister,

Copy to:

Ministry of War

Ministry of the Interior

National Administration of Gendarmerie [Police] Force


During the past few days, Seyyed Mohammad Ghayyomie, a preacher from Abarghou, in Soghad and Bahman (15 kilometres away from Abadeh), by gathering local rascals and villains in the name of religion, has provoked [them] and they have committed all kinds of rascality and wickedness, such as burning the doors and furniture of the Haziratu’l-Quds[1], burning the doors of the gardens, throwing rocks at the houses of Baha’is, attacking, hitting and insulting the Baha’is.

We have complained to the authorities in Abadeh, seeking justice.  However, the ineffective action of the authorities has emboldened the local thugs and villains and they have increased their harassments.  Is enduring one century of attacks and harassments such as the killing and burning of people, vandalizing their properties and capturing their families and children not enough?  Has the time not come to administer justice for this oppressed group?  If you do not take urgent action to prevent the rascals and villains, the lives and possessions of a group of innocent people will be in great danger, and it will undoubtedly permeate other cities and villages in Abadeh.

Abbas Taheri, Badiollah Agah, Mohammad-Taghi Afnan, Shokrollah Zaierpour, Fereidoun Bahrami, Khalil Sabet,  Mohammad-Hosein Vafa, Vajihollah Forouzan, Haydar Yazdani, Ibrahim Yazdani, Ataollah Khazraei.


[The stamp:  The Office of Telegraph – Tehran]

[The stamp:  Ministry of Home Affairs, the Political Office, Number 7490, Date:  24 Bahman [1322] [14 February 1944]

[Handwritten Note3:]:  Urgent, Mr. Ellahipour, with reference to item number 5 of [this] telegram [?], write to the Gendarmerie [Police Station], and send [this letter] by telegraph to the Governor’s Office.





[1] [A Baha'i term for Baha’i Centre]