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[Personal information has been redacted.]


20 Khordad 1306 [11 June 1927]


To His Holiness Ashraf[1], Prime Minister, May God Perpetuate Your Power

I just submitted my report, with eleven documents enclosed, to Mr. [Shahmardan], the head of the Telegraph Office, and obviously he will send them to you. I would like to state that the letter has just been received from Ardabil[2]. Mirza Ali-Akbar has prayed on the pulpit for [Mokhtar] Ahmadzadeh Ardabili, and the people have said “Amen”. But he has not stopped from persecuting and insulting me and my family, and it continues unabated; at this moment I am, on the one hand, in fear for my life in Rasht because of the lack of prosecution of the instigators and perpetrators, and because of the support they receive from Colonel Mahmoud Khan Ghaffari, the head of Police. On the other hand, I worry a great deal about my family. It is not clear what our ultimate fate will be. In any case, yours truly did not know that they would first exile Mirza Ali-Akbar, and then they would bring him into Ardabil with utmost kindness. He ruined the education of Azerbaijan and left Ardabil as it was, in its feudalist state of ignorance, so it remained in ignorance and deprived of education. However, I have the utmost confidence in the political courage of His Holiness the Prime Minister. I consider Your Honour to be more aware and informed of the painful conditions of Ardabil and the history of Mirza Ali-Akbar and his son-in-law, Mirza Mousa.

I hope that you will take action in response to my supplications.

[Nou’i - the Director of National Finances]

[Stamp and signature]


[Handwritten note under the letter]

To be archived until the letter from the head [of telegraphs arrives]

25 Khordad 1306 [16 June 1927]


[Stamp of receipt at the Prime Minister’s Office]

Date: 25 Khordad 1306 [16 June 1927]

Number: 1686


[1] [Ashraf is the title of Ahmad Qavam, the Prime Minister of Iran several times during both the Qajar and Pahlavi dynasties]

[2] [Refers to the murder of Aminol-Olama Ardabili]