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Ministry of Post, Telegraph, and Telephone,



From Kerman to T [Tehran]; Receipt Number: 1267; Telegram Number: -----, Number of Words: 184, Date of Original: 17 Mehr [1331 [9 October 1952], Date of Receipt: 17/7/ [1331]


His Honour, Prime Minister,

Copy to: Ministry of the Interior,


I would like to respectfully inform you that some time ago a few troublemakers engaged in conspiracy, destruction, and looting, which was reported to the authorities in Rafsanjan, who were requested to prevent them [from engaging in such acts].  Nevertheless on 8th March in Hasanabad a group of criminals attacked a house, looted it, set it on fire, and destroyed it.  As a result of this incident having been reported to authorities in Kerman, a group of Gendarmes were dispatched to Rafsanjan.  They maintained order in Rafsanjan for a couple of days.  However, the authorities did not find it appropriate to keep them there any longer and they returned [to Kerman].  Two days after their departure, once again a house and its adjacent bath were set on fire and looted.  In Sadeghabad, four kilometers away from Rafsanjan, the door of the cemetery was destroyed, its trees were cut down, and, in addition, a few corpses were exhumed from the old graves and burnt, then later on [the perpetrators] attempted to loot and destroy the residential houses in the city to the degree that the local authorities were unable to control [the perpetrators from attacking] and therefore we [the Baha’is] all fled to Kerman.  We reported the matter to the authorities.  Some forces were sent to Rafsanjan from the police and army headquarters to maintain order.  Now, we would like to request that you follow up and prosecute the instigators and perpetrators so that complete safety and order is maintained in the future.


Ali Akbar Hasanzadeh, Asadollah Sadeghzadeh, Isa Taheri


[Stamp:] Tehran Telegraph Office

[Stamp:] Registered at the office of the Prime Minister, Number 21393, Date:  19/7/31 (11 October 1952)]

[Stamp:] Head Office, Ministry of the Interior, Number 62937, Date: 21/7/31 (13 October 1952)

[Handwritten Note 1:] Ministry of the Interior

[Handwritten Note 2:] Record 24/7