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General number: 2046

Private number: 3

File: 25

Dossier: 4



[Office of] The Prime Minister


Subject: -----

Attachment: -----

Scribe: -----

Transcription date: ----- of the month -----

Date of transcription: ----- of the month -----

Date of registration: 1 Tir 1306 [23 June 1927]


Telegrammed from Ardabil

The threshold of the honourable Hojjatol- Islam, Agha Mirza Ali-Akbar [Agha] Mujtahid. Your honourable telegram[1] was presented to His Imperial Majesty. He instructed that his special regal kindness be conveyed to you through the Ministry of the Court. The government has always been attentive to following the Islamic teachings and its sacred rites. The agents and the authorities have never been permitted to deviate from this path—and of course for the sake of safeguarding reliability and strengthening the basis of this tradition, it is expected from the clerical authorities, those leaders of the people, that they protect its foundation. Kindly request that those in charge of local affairs maintain law and order for the general tranquillity.






[1] Refers to the killing of Aminol-Olama Ardabili