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Ministry of Foreign Affairs


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Copy of a translation of [a communication] from the Central[1] Spiritual Assembly of the Baha’is of India to His Imperial Majesty the Shah


His Imperial Majesty Mohammad-Reza Shah Pahlavi

Tehran, Iran

Copy to His Honour Mohammad-Sa’ed, Prime Minister of Iran, Tehran

Copy to Head of the Central Consultative Assembly of Iran


The Baha’is of India are grief-stricken and astonished at hearing of the possibility that atrocities committed a hundred years ago, during the reign of the Qajar dynasty, would now be repeated in this period, during the reign of Your Majesty.  In former times, such events, which occurred more widely and with the help of the government, attracted the attention of the West for the first time to that deplorable Qajar dynasty and roused intense sympathy for the Baha’i Faith from renowned orientalists such as Professor Browne (England), Baron Rosen (St. Petersburg), Comte du Gobineau and Nicola[2] (France) and as a result, aroused the interest and affection of the world regarding the history and teachings of the Baha’i Faith.


Concerning the murdering, plundering and setting fire to the properties of the Baha’is of Shahroud, not a word has been written by the major newspapers of Tehran. We hope their silence does not give the impression that they approve of and consent to these cruelties, but rather that a  sense of shame and passion has prevented the writers from informing the people of the World that such shockingly cruel acts and atrocities are still able to happen in Iran.


We did inform the Indian press of this heart-breaking news. Although we are indigenous inhabitants of India, yet we wish for our nation to remain optimistic about and positive towards a nation where the Bab and Baha’u’llah were born, and remain kindly disposed towards its people, [despite] among whom hundreds of thousands of Baha’i men, women and children have been tortured and severely tormented. This cruelty and anguish has aroused the sympathy of the worldwide community towards Iranian [Baha’is].


Across the world, it the duty of every civilized government to support [and defend] its minorities, [whether they constitute] large or small [segments of their population]. That the Baha’i Faith in Iran is the largest non-Muslim minority and it numbers more than [that nation’s] Christians, Jews, or Zoroastrians, is an undeniable fact. The loyalty and truthfulness of the Baha’is towards their legitimate Government is indisputable, and has been proven repeatedly over the last hundred years.


We humbly plead at the threshold of his Imperial Majesty to bring to the attention of his government the necessity of taking effective and appropriate measures to support and assure the safeguarding of the lives of the biggest non-Muslim minority of Iran, to reinforce more the conditions of the interCentral sympathy towards them [Iranians].


Coordinator of the Central Spiritual Assembly of India,

Rostam Sabet



[1] [National]

[2] [Louis Alphonse Daniel Nicolas]