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Ministry of Foreign Affairs

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Copy of the translation of the telegram of the Central[1] Assembly of the Baha’is [of India] addressed to

Mr. Mohammad Sa’ed [prime minister]


His honour Mr. Mohammad Sa’ed, Prime Minister of Iran, Tehran, Iran

Copy: To His Imperial Majesty, Mohammad-Reza Shah Pahlavi, Tehran, Iran

Copy: Respected National Constitution Assembly of Iran, sent through its speaker, Tehran, Iran


The Baha’is of India are quite distressed at hearing of the news of the torment and torture that their co-religionists are receiving in Shahroud. These abusive, ignorant and fanatical elements only follow the model left by Haj Mirza Aqasi[2], the previous powerful prime minister of Iran. Are they not still aware that the massacres of the years 1848 to 1852, which were ordered by him, led to the martyrdom of well-known figures such as the Bab and Qurratu’l-Ayn[3], that they not only failed to uproot the Baha’is, but the perpetrators who were the inciters and the promoters, and even those who were in agreement with such atrocious acts, were severely condemned by the whole civilized world?


Incidentally, these martyrdoms became the proudest, the most remarkable and most influential of the historical events of the modern Iran, and have brought into reality the inherent greatness of the Iranians, and at the same time, have earned a respectable distinction for the religion of Baha [Baha’i Faith] in the world. Please permit me to convey to the tormentors of Shahroud the following message, which has been extracted from the letter from the Bab to Haj Mirza Aqasi:


“Dost thou intend to intimidate Me with slaying?  This has been the path for the worshippers and chosen ones of the Lord.  If thou orderest the slaying of Me, the curse and wrath of God will be thine.  If the Lord wisheth, thou wilt succeed in thy plot.  It will, therefore, be Mine honour to be chosen by God, like His other Saints, Who chose to be martyrs at the hands of people like thee, a treacherous traitor” [Provisional Translation. The authenticity of this quote cannot be verified at this stage]


(The general international community expects the government of Iran to support the minorities.)


Secretary of the Central Assembly of the Baha’is of India and Burma,

Rostam Sabet




[1] [National]

[2] [The prime minister between 1835 and 1848, during the reign of King Mohammad Shah Qajar.]

[3] [Tahereh “The Pure One,” also called Qurrat al-ʿAyn, “Solace/Consolation of the Eyes”) are both titles of Fatimah Baraghani/Umm-i-Salmih (1814 or 1817 – August 16–27, 1852), an influential poet and theologian of the Bábí faith in Iran.]