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Ministry of Foreign Affairs


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Copy of a translated telegram from the Central[1] Assembly of the Baha’is of India and Burma to the [National] Consultative Assembly


The head of the Consultative Assembly of Iran, through its Respected Speaker, Tehran, Iran,

Copy to:  His Imperial Majesty Mohammad-Reza Shah Pahlavi, Tehran, Iran,

 His honour Prime Minister of Iran, Mr Muhammad-Sa’ed, Tehran, Iran,


Herewith the Baha’is of India bring to your attention the periodic torture and [other] atrocities committed against our co-religionists in Iran, resulting in their being murdered and [their properties and belongings] plundered. Do the laws of Iran permit that if a Muslim changed his religion and became a Christian, Jew, Zoroastrian or atheist, his house would be attacked and set ablaze, his possessions plundered, and his wife and children killed, with the police themselves cooperating with the assailants and thus also becoming culprits, while the judicial courts address the matter so cold-bloodedly as to allow actions such as arson [and murder]as to be carried out without any prosecution or punishment?


If the answer is negative, then why is it that when such actions are taken against our co-religionists, the Baha’is--who are the largest [religious] minority in the country—the government does not issue a declaration condemning and prohibiting them? Should the Legislative Assembly of Iran not take such matters under its consideration?


Is it not the duty of the legislative [Consultative] Assembly of Iran to enact the laws in such manner that the Courts of Justice are able to enforce the laws and enact justice in matters regarding those who have been wronged, irrespective of their religious affiliations? Should not the Police Force support the people against aggressors? The [Consultative] Assembly is the national authority and the place of refuge, and the world expects it would fully support its [nation’s] citizens, acting with justice and without taking sides, applying the law equally against all transgressors within its territory.


Coordinator of the Central Assembly of the Baha’is of India and Burma,

Rostam Sabet 



[1] [National]