[Translator’s notes appear in square brackets]

[Personal information has been redacted.]


Public number: 2246

Private number: 116

Bin: -----

File: -----


Ministry of Interior

Office: Political and Passport

Unit: ----- Branch: -----

Type of draft: -----

Subject of draft: ----

Enclosure: ----

Clean copy drafter: -----

Date of draft: -----, Month: -----, Date of registry: -----, Month: -----, Date of clean copy: ----- Month: -----, Date of issue: 14 Farvardin 1323 [3 April 1944]




Office of the Prime Minister

A copy of report number 10015 dated 28 Azar 1323 [19 December 1944] from the National Police regarding the activities of Mohammad Javad Mahyar, employee of Isfahan Melli Bank, is enclosed herewith for your information.

Minister of Interior

Director General