[Translator’s notes appear in square brackets]

[Personal information has been redacted.]


Office: General Secretariat

Date: 19 Bahman 1328 [8 February 1950]

Number: 20828

Enclosure: -----

Subject: -----


Ministry of Interior

State Police Headquarters

Division: -----

In response to this correspondence, the reference number should be mentioned together with its supplementary letters and decimal numbers.



General Director of the Office of the Prime Minister

A facsimile of report number 2, transmitted by telegraph from General Iravani, the inspector dispatched from Kashan, in regard to the murder of Dr. Berjis and the investigation carried out by the order of the local prosecutor, is forwarded herewith for your information.


On behalf of the Chief Commissioner of the State Police – Colonel Sharif


[Stamp: Confidential]


[Handwritten note on the bottom of page

We convey that this was noted. Subsequent to verbal orders, detailed emphatic and confirmatory instructions were forwarded in writing to the Ministry of Justice and Ministry of Interior.



20 Bahman 1328 [9 February 1950]