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Date: 1 Aban 1331 [23 October 1952

Attachment: ---



Ministry of the Interior

Governor General of the Eighth Province


Ministry of the Interior,

Referring to letter number 42367 – 13937 of 21 Mehr 1331 [13 October 1952], regarding the incident of 10 Mehr [2 October] of the current year in Mahan, the matter has been reported under communication number 9311 of 10 Mehr 1331 [2 October 1952], 9476 of 13 Mehr 1331 [5 October 1952], and 9568 of 15 Mehr 1331 [7 October 1952] and I would like to report [the following] for your additional information.

At this stage, the relevant case is being investigated at the Interrogation Office of Branch 2 of the Department of Justice of Kerman. It has also been requested from the Public Prosecutor of the Eighth Province to carry out this interrogation and investigation quickly and without bias. I myself am quite vigilant and will certainly inform you after acquiring the final results of the investigations and the actions of the Interrogation Office.

Governor General of the Eighth Province



[Handwritten umber and date on the bottle of the page]


12 Aban 1331 [3 November 1952]



[Illegible] [Receipt by the Office]

Number: 36929

Date: 10 Aban 1331 [1 November 1952]