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[Personal information has been redacted.]


Tome number: 31744



Telegraph Department of the Eminent Government of Iran

Year: [1306] [1928]


From: Kerman

To: Tehran

Receipt number: 668

Telegram number: 113

Quantity of the letters: 110

Original date: 16

Descriptions: -----

Date received: 17 Bahman [1306] [7 February 1928]


The Honourable Prime Minister,

According to a report received, through the actions of Seyyed Abol-Ghasem Mojtahed and Seyyed Yahya, the son of Shah-Valad Reyhan, against the Baha’is in [illegible], yesterday, the rascals drove the Baha’i women out of the public bath. It is feared that during the celebrations of mid-Sha’ban, an unfortunate incident may occur. The Disciplinary Department of Rafsanjan does not have more than ten police constables. I requested that the head of the army dispatch ten military police to Rafsanjan for a few days, but they responded that they could not release their personnel without the permission of the legion commander. I requested that the police force kindly have the Ministry of War [Defence] or the National Security Police issue the necessary instructions.


[Stamp and Signature]

17 Bahman [7 February]

Number: 6356