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Office of Prime Minister

Copy of a telegraph received from Kashan Government

Number: 67

Dated: ----

Number: ----


His Excellency the Prime Minister, may his grandeur be everlasting

Your Excellency’s telegraph No.11018 was viewed. Today, 24 Mizan [24 Mehr], its contents were duly implemented. Vahdat-e Bashar School was inaugurated with supervision and inspection of the Education Department in the presence of the deputy governor and the head of education. Your Excellency’s orders were conveyed to clerical scholars and Mr. Seyyed Ahmad Darb [illegible]. Accordingly, as instructed, yours truly, the responsible officer of the gendarmerie, has, day and night, been watchful of keeping order in the city. We are hopeful that, God willing, no unfortunate incident will take place.

24 Mizan [Mehr [16 October]