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The Premiership


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To be wired to Zanjan

Through the Government Department,

To His Honour, Hujjatol – Eslam Haj Mirza Ali-Akbar Mujtahed of Ardabil, may your blessings be perpetual

I was informed of your arrival in Zanjan only a few days ago. If I have not paid you a visit so far, it was because I needed to find out the truth of the matter. After some investigation, it became clear that nothing had been triggered by the government officers to enforce your honour’s journey, but it has been your own supposition that motivated your absence from Ardabil. Although I am certain that, as per the previous report from Ardabil, Your Honour, due to your spiritual obligations and moral duties, which you have [for the] protection of peace of all the inhabitants, contrary to all that has been commented on [referring to the slaying of Aminol-Olama Ardabili], did not have any input into the matter; but you have acted as per your own longstanding policy, and have always cooperated and assisted the government agents in keeping order. Nevertheless, if you need to be away for some time from Ardabil, you might consider making a trip to Tehran, for us also to benefit from Your Highness’s presence; otherwise, there is no obstacle to your return and you can leave whenever you wish.




[Handwritten note under the letter]

Immediately send a copy to the Friday Imam Haj Khui. 23 Ordibehesht 1306 [14 May 1927]

[Signed, Dabiran]


[Handwritten note in the right margin of the page]

The message was wired under the number 1173, dated 21 Ordibehesht 1306 [12 May 1927]