[Translator’s notes appear in square brackets]

[Personal information has been redacted.]



The National Consultative Assembly


Department: Secretariat

Dated: 6 Aban 1331 [28 October 1952]

Number: 6306

Enclosure: One page

(Ministry of the Interior)


Head of the Secretariat Department of Ministry

A telegram has been sent to the National Consultative Assembly by the people named below (Ali Akbar Hasanzadeh – Asadollah Sadeghzadeh – Eesa Taheri), complaining against the pillage and arson committed by some bandits and the absence of response by government departments, as well as lack of security. With permission from the pleas commission, as a disciplinary measure and to secure the wellbeing of the inhabitants, we have enclosed a copy herewith.

Head of the Department of Secretariat of the National Consultative Assembly – Anqa


[Handwritten notes around the edges of the page]

The above transcription, together with the actual copy and the receipt of the petition, was sent to the governor general of the Eighth Province. In response, the applicant should be informed of the outcome of the investigation and undertaken actions.




[Stamp containing the numbers below]

Number: 69017

Date: 7 Aban 1331 [29 October 1952]


[A few handwritten numbers at the top and bottom of the page]