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Telegraph Office of Honoured Government of Iran

Register book number: [illegible]

Year: 129

[Telegram] from Kashan to T [Tehran]

Invoice number: 4077

Number 90

Number of words: 49

Original date: 20 [Mehr 1300] [12 October 1921]

Explanations: This is a response to the previous communication

Date received: 20 [illegible] [Mehr] [12 October]

Recipient’s name: [illegible]


Care of the Honourable Dr. Ataollah Khan, the esteemed minister of the interior and the Esteemed Ministry of Education, may their honour be everlasting


The Vahdat-e Bashar School, the Tarbiyat branch of Tehran, is closed. The content of the order of the esteemed Ministry of Education is against the continuation of the school. The result of the controversy will confuse the students. The protests are increasing. [Requesting a] decision.


The Committee of Vahdat-e Bashar School



[Handwritten note: 1] In light of the telegram sent from Kashan to the prime minister and the opening of the school and the solution of the problem, it is no longer necessary to follow up the telegram.

6 Aghrab 1300 [6 Aban 1300 - 28 October 1921]


[Handwritten note : 2] The [Department of] Public Education wrote to Dr. Ataollah Khan that if the reply has been delayed so far, it is because the Ministry of the Interior’s response has not yet been received by the Ministry of Education. After the receipt of the reply from the Ministry of the Interior, it will be telegraphed.

8 Aghrab 1300 [8 Aban 1300 – 30 October 1921]


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425 [Illegible]