[Newspaper:] Tehran Times – special issue

[Date:] Thursday, 7 March 1985 – 14 Jamadi ul-Akhar 1405 – 16 Esfand 1363


Bahaism is under fire in Egypt


This week a report from Cairo said that the regime of Hosni Mubarak crackdowned on the members of Bahai religion and charged that they have been in close contact with Zionism and against the Moslems as a whole.

One of the leading centers of Islam, Al-Azhar University in Cairo, also declared that the Bahais are not Moslems and strongly criticized their activities.

The Bahai issue has been highlighted in the Western media and especially in the press of the United States and Israel. The media tried to present the distorted fact before the world that the Islamic Republic is against the religion of Bahaism. While the fact is that the Islamic Republic allows all the regions to be followed and the constitution has no restriction on the religious activities in the country.

Occasional arrests of the Bahais in Iran have be made but not because they believe in a religion other than Islam but because of their activities including spying for the Zionists and working for the Zionism and against Islam.

Now such a crackdown in Egypt which is a confirmed "friend" of the United States and Israel has exposed the facts and the real intentions of the Bahais can now be understood by the world especially in the Third World where all efforts are made by the Western media to paint a distorted picture of the Islamic Republic of Iran.


















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