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[Adapted from website:] Tebyan Cultural Institute

[Date] 16 Mordad 1397 [7 August 2018]


A Figure Who Forced the Shah to Deal With Baha’is

The struggles of Ayatollah Falsafi against the Baha’i sect were so great that they created a special passion among the people to oppose this sect. The shah was forced to send Dr. Ayadi, his personal Baha’i physician, abroad for a period of nine months.


Ayatollah Mohammad Taghi Falsafi (1286 – 1377 [1907-1998]) is one of the famous contemporary clergymen. The role of his enlightening speeches in exposing the goals and approach of the Baha’i sect was done with the support of the esteemed authority Ayatollah Borujerdi, who threw the first sparks of fire on the illegitimate harvest of this sect, and finally, with the warm breath of the late Falsafi, it turned into a blazing and widespread fire.

The influence of the Baha’is at the administrative level of the country, which began in the Constitutional Era, continued during the reign of Reza Shah and his son. Many of the country’s key cultural and economic positions were held by prominent Baha’i figures in a creeping but widespread move. This process was accompanied by Baha’i and anti-Islamic propaganda, and its revelation raised the concerns of scholars and the resentment of the religious people.

The opposition to the Baha’i Faith had not deepened until the 1330s [1950s], as the Baha’is had not disclosed their propaganda activities and had taken a covert approach to promoting their ideas, based on educational and social activities.

With the development of the organization and the expansion of their activities in the political and economic spheres of the country, in addition to the propaganda, the number of Baha’is also increased. As Baha’i activism became apparent, people from various cities wrote letters to Ayatollah Borujerdi complaining about Baha’i practices. This made them sensitive and upset. Therefore, in 1329 [1950], Ayatollah Borujerdi announced in a letter to Mr. Falsafi that he should meet with the prime minister, Razmara, and stop the activities of the Baha’is, following the complaints of the people of Aligudarz.

In 1334 [1955], before the arrival of the holy month of Ramadan, at the suggestion of Ayatollah Falsafi and with the approval of Ayatollah Borujerdi, it was decided that the issue of the Baha’i Faith should be raised by this eloquent preacher [Falsafi] in his speeches at the Shah Mosque, which were broadcast live on the Tehran radio station. In response to the request of Hojatoleslam Falsafi, Ayatollah Borujerdi said, “If you say it is good. At least Baha’is should be crushed in public opinion, now that the authorities are not listening”.