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In the Name of God

Number: 163/AB

Date: 30 Shahrivar 1362 [21 September 1983]


Verdict of the Primary Division of the Human Resources Restructuring Office

Ministry of Education; Education Department of the Province of Hamadan; Employee number [redacted]

Verdict issued for:  name Shamsi; Surname Asfiyainasab; Father’s name Hasan-Ali, Identification number [redacted]; Issued in Tehran; Place of birth [redacted], Date of Birth 15 Khordad [redacted] [6 June [redacted]]; Education and highest qualification Baccalaureate in Psychology, Type of the last ruling ready to serve; Sanctioned by the Committee’s proposal; Summoned on 30 Tir 1361 [21 July 1982], Service location Hamadan; Organizational post teacher; Group: 8, Hired on 17 Esfand 1362 [7 March 1984]; Salary 36,800 rial; Rank 7

The committee meeting, in a hearing [regarding] the above-mentioned name on 12 Shahrivar 1362 [3 September 1983], was formed in the presence of 4 core members and ----- numbers of representatives.

Proceedings:  Based on the letter reference number [illegible]/F/62 - 6 Shahrivar 1362 [28 August 1983] the Office of the Prosecutor of the Islamic Revolution of Hamadan, with the attached two photocopies of the order issued against the subject.  The first crime is being a member of the Baha’i administration. [Shamsi Asfiyainasab] was [considered] to deserve death, but as her opposition to the order of the Islamic Republic has not yet been proven, she is sentenced to ten years of imprisonment

Verdict: The Primary Division of the Ministry of Education Restructuring Office of Hamadan, considering her crime is proven and evident by the court under Section 1, Article [illegible] and by the provisions of Section 8 Article 29, by the joint votes and Section 11, Article 20, [she is] condemned to permanent dismissal from all government services.

In accordance with the ninth combined meeting with the finance supervision, she is not entitled to the retirement payments until the Islamic Consultative Assembly’s protestation.

Verdict aligned with Article 46, stating that the accused has the right to appeal within 15 days from the date of the service of this order.

[Signature over official stamp]