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Number: 28420/2

Dated: 28/8/1358 [19 November 1979]


Ministry of Education

Department of Education- Area 3, Isfahan


Mrs. Sima Yazdani - Teacher, Roknoddin Primary School

In response to the telegram dated 17/7/58 [9 October 1979], you are hereby notified that your employment is to be terminated, as you are accused of being a follower of the Baha’i Faith, [and] you are reminded for the last time that if this charge is incorrect and baseless, you should attend and present yourself at this office, and in my presence declare your hatred and disgust for this ideology, and complete your questionnaire [including the section in which you must identify your] religion; otherwise you will be expelled from your post. [It is noted that] you have not yet presented yourself to this office.

Jaafar Rezaei

Head of the Department of Education - Isfahan Area 3


Recipient of copy:

Head Office of the Department of Education, refer to letter number 15587/15, [dated] 22/7/1358 [14 October 1979]