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[Adapted from website:] Tasnim News Agency

[Date:] 29 Dey 1392 [19 January 2014]


The Baha’i Sect Sought to Change the Persian Script / Iran; the Driving Force of the Persian Language in the Region

Tasnim News Agency – Lecturer Mohammad Baghaei-Makan, referring to the attacks on the Persian language throughout history, points to the traces of the perverse Baha’i sect and says, “Some modernists who were not aware of cultural origins and literary values also followed this sect.”

The Baha’i Sect Sought to Change the Persian Script

Ever since the so-called modernist ideology emerged in Iran after the opening of the Dar ul-Funun [Polytechnic], and the literary changes that took place in other countries, such as Turkey, some, considering the problems seen in the common and so-called Arabic script, decided to change the Persian script. This group included some thinkers and linguists who happened to be cultural figures such as Ahmad Kasravi. He was one of those who strongly supported this idea, and the Baha’i sect was also inclined to such a change.

In later periods, some modernists who were not aware of cultural originality and literary values, and were not sufficiently inclined to cultural traditions and originality, also supported this idea. But in the end, this idea took them nowhere, because not only does Persian literature have subtleties and details that will be lost by changing the script, but also, the various arts that come from Persian calligraphy will also disappear, including the various calligraphies that have been made and the many motifs that are on ancient and religious sites. ...

Tasnim: You mentioned that the perverse Baha’i sect wanted to change the script; are such attempts still felt or not?

We have a big problem in macro-cultural management that does not receive proper attention. It is the issue of ethnicity. This is due to the poisonous propaganda from the hostile countries, whether in the West or in the East, or some of our neighbours who have seceded from the former Soviet Union, which now, as an artificial country, form a single land on the geographical map. Also, because it was previously considered part of Iran and then separated from Iran according to the Gulistan and Turkmenchay treaties, their language is the same as the language of some parts of our country. Through the numerous satellite TV channels and the destructive factors that they have in Iran, they make a significant contribution toward inciting ethnic and linguistic prejudices. ...