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[Adapted from website:] Tasnim News Agency

[Date:] 1 Dey 1393 [22 December 2014]


Untold Stories of Professor Parvaresh’s Efforts to Train Students Against Baha’ism

Tasnim News Agency – The Friday prayer leader of Isfahan said, “Professor Parvaresh, the anti-Baha’i sect educator, trained many young people. They used to go to the Baha’i meetings and disrupt and disband their meetings.”

According to the Tasnim News Agency from Isfahan, expressing the personality traits of Professor Seyyed Akbar Parvaresh from the point of view of the elders of the country and Isfahan undoubtedly brings us to some points and acquaints us more with the personality of this revolutionary figure. Ayatollah Seyyed Yousef Tabatabi Nejad is the Friday prayer leader of Isfahan and a member of the Assembly of Experts. During the presence of the late Professor Parvaresh in the Islamic Consultative Assembly, he had many contacts with him.

You can read the text of Ayatollah Tabatabi Nejad’s interview with Tasnim reporters below:

... “Professor Parvaresh’s students always disrupted Baha’i meetings”

Tasnim: “Tell us about his activities against Baha’ism, the training of revolutionary youth, and [Professor Parvaresh’s] activities before and after the Revolution.”

Ayatollah Tabatabi Nejad: “[The late Mr Paravaresh’s] anti-Baha’ism education trained many young people. His [students] would go out by themselves, sit in Baha’i meetings, and one of them would disrupt the meeting. Mr. Parvaresh was also active in this field, with his students who were interested in the memorization of narration and the Quran. [He], in fact, raised good students; everyone would be envious of them, how beautifully they were brought up. And it was not [unsurprising] that Haj Agha was popular and influential among the youth all over Isfahan.”