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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Adapted from website:] Tasnim News Agency

[Date:] 11 Ordibehesht 1396 [1 May 2017]


Baha’ism is a Snake Nesting in Pakistan; People are Uninformed and Officials are Unaware

The significant presence of the minister of religious affairs and the member of parliament of Pakistan in the Baha’i celebration has heightened concerns about the activities of the perverse Baha’i sect in this Islamic country.

The perverse beliefs of the Baha’i sect are not hidden from anyone, and given that the centre of this perverse sect is in the Zionist regime, it is easy to see where it is supported and secured.

Surprisingly, however, in Pakistan, one of the most religious countries in the Islamic world, where any sect that denies the mission and finality of the Holy Prophet for any reason has no capability and permission to move in this country, Baha’ism has progressed. As far as the Ridvan celebration of this perverse sect is concerned, Pir Aminul Hasanat, minister of state for religious affairs, and Aasiya Nasir, member of the National Assembly of Pakistan, present themselves and congratulate them.

Al-Azhar’s fatwa: “Baha’ism is an apostate sect and a group of Islam; it is not right to believe in it and cooperate and collaborate with them.”

Muslim historian Taha Al-Mawlawi: “While Muslim scholars have cursed Baha’ism, the Jews have promoted Baha’ism. Why? Because Baha’ism attacks Islam and claims that the era of Islam is over and tries to sow the seeds of their false religion, which is a combination of Judaism, Christianity, Islam and idolatry.”

Khalid Muhammad Khalid, a prominent Islamic thinker: “The late imam Sheikh Muhammad Al-Khidr Hussain had a wide and deep knowledge of this sect.” Mentioning an example, he says, “This sect was rejected by Islam.”

Dr. Sheikh Abdul Momen Al-Nahr: “Baha’ism has left Islam and established a new religion in order to harm Islam. Therefore, from the beginning of the emergence of this quasi-religion, the rules of Islam are against them, whether [they are] those who were formerly Muslims and later became Baha’is or were born to Baha’i parents. The muftis agree on this point.”

Sheikh Muhammad Tantawy Sheikh Al-Azhar: “Egyptian Baha’is are outside the realm of Islam as well as the teachings of other divine religions. This perverse group should not inject its venom into the Islamic society. Baha’ism is completely against Islam.”

Now about Pakistan

This country is so religious that the followers of Ahmad Qadiani, whose deviant beliefs ended in “claiming to prophethood” and not “claiming to be God”, had their activities banned, and this religion has no official status in this country!

Why have the Baha’is infiltrated Pakistan, and the political figures of this country sent congratulatory messages to them?

It is interesting that the member of the Pakistani Parliament who congratulated the Baha’is on the Festival of Ridvan is from the Society of Islamic Scholars! And this is the group of people who recently hosted the imam of Mecca!