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[Adapted from website:] Tasnim News Agency

[Date:] 18 Ordibehesht 1397 [8 May 2018]


Presentation of 400 documents of Baha’i actions in “Baha’i Military Officers in the Second Pahlavi Government”

Shadab Asgari, the author of the book, “Baha’i Military Officers in the Second Pahlavi Government”, said that the book contained 400 documents on the actions of the Baha’is during the reign of Mohammad Reza Shah.

Shadab Asgari, the author of the book, “Baha’i Military Officers in the Second Pahlavi Government”, attended the 31st Tehran International Book Fair, and in an interview with the cultural correspondent of the Pooya Reporters Club, stated that he had published 20 books on military history before and after the Islamic Revolution. Regarding his latest book (“Baha’i Military Officers in the Second Pahlavi Rule”), he said, “During the course of my studies and research in the field of history, I realized that little work had been done about the Baha’is, and the available materials were limited.”

He continued, “For example, during the time of the Holy Defence, I came across the story of a Baha’i fighter who had damaged eight F-14 fighter jets. These were the issues that led to the production of this work.”

Asgari said, “In this research, I came across the issue that the reason for the actions of the Baha’is in Iran during the imperial period was that the Baha’is had no place in the country and sought power. The shah had lost his trust, and the Baha’is were using the shah’s presence, and the two were closely related.”

The author and historian said, “It is interesting that the then prime minister of the Zionist regime said that he had turned to prostitution in order to reach the ruling party; that is, they give in to anything to maintain their system, and it is interesting that the Baha’is have no right to propaganda and membership in Israel.”

He added, “These issues caused me to address this matter. In this book, in addition to addressing the case, I have included 400 documents of Baha’i actions in the Imperial Army, to answer the ambiguities and mental questions of the audience.”

Asgari said, “To write this book, I read all the [issues] of Baha’i News from 1320 [1941] to 1360 [1981], and in addition to reading their books, I monitored the Baha’i website for a year to make sure that the contents of the book are accurate and documented.”

At the end of his statements, he said, “I am currently compiling Volume 2 of this book, in which more detailed explanations and contents will be included, along with more documents about the presence of Baha’is in the country’s military system.”