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The Islamic Republic of Iran

Municipality of Mashhad


Number: …….

Date: ……

Enclosure: ……


Prayer is the key to Mercy, and ablutions the key to prayer, and prayer is the key to Paradise.

The Exalted Prophet (Peace be upon Him)


The Esteemed Commanders of the Gendarmerie [Police] Station, Khorasan


We respectfully inform you that Mrs. Ammyatollah [Ammatollah] Rezvani is hereby introduced and she, who is affiliated to the Baha’i sect, has informed us that her brother Tarazollah Rezvani has died. Kindly make arrangements for him to be buried in a remote and secluded location, with no marker [or other sign] of identification.


On behalf of Mayor of Mashhad

Saberi Far



Copy for Mrs. Ammyatollah Rezvani, with reference to the letter dated 19/8/61 [10 November 1982]


[Handwritten footnote, number and date]

19/8/61 [10 November 1982] – 4/7327