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Islamic Republic of Iran

Municipality of Mashhad

Number -----

Date -----

Enclosure -----

"Prayer is the key to [God's] mercy, ablution is the key to obligatory prayer, and obligatory prayer is the key to paradise." The Most Great Prophet [PBUH]

Respected Commander in Chief of Khorasan Gendarmerie

Respectfully, Mrs. Amiehollah Rezvani, who is affiliated with the Baha'i sect, has informed [this unit] that her brother, Tarazollah Rezvani, has passed away. Please instruct that the deceased is buried in a remote and unidentified area without any distinguishing signs.

Mayor of Mashhad

Saberifar [signature]


Copy: Mrs. Amiehollah Rezvani, as per letter dated 19/8/1361 [10 November 1982]


[handwritten note, number and date in the margin of the page]

4/7327--[date] 19/8/1361 [10 November 1982]