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[Personal information has been redacted.]


Number …….

Enclosure …….


(Enclosure number 4)


19/2/42 [9 May 1963]


Railways, Tehran Region

Regarding certification of an order about Mr. Tarazollah Misaghi [redacted]; in order to certify the orders of salary increases during the years 1339 and 1340 and commence the retirement salary of Mr. Tarazollah Misaghi, the National Office of Retirement has requested a copy of his job application, which states his religion. We therefore request that you direct the above-mentioned individual to send a copy of his job application, completed on sample [form] 1110, to this office, so that necessary action can take place.


Head of Human Resources, Railways

Abbas Jafari



A copy, along with a one-page employment application, for action, is send herewith to region [unclear] Tehran.