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Azad University of Iran

Abu Rayhan University

Academic School of Translation

Academic School of Shemiran

University of Damavand

Institute of Iranian Culture

Faculty of Political and Social Sciences

Faculty of Sciences of Social Communication

Faculty of Physical Education and Sport Sciences

Academic School of Literature and Foreign Languages



Islamic Republic of Iran

Ministry of Culture and Higher Education

University Complex of Literature and Humanities

Number: 1554-P

Date: 14 Khordad 1362 [4 June 1983]

Attachment: None


In the Name of God

Appeal Verdict of the Admissions Council

Mrs. Taraneh Navidi Moghaddam,

Student in English at the Former University of Damavand, University -----, Student number -----, University admission year 1357 [1978/1979], Number of units passed 54, Grade point average -----; your appeal was received on 27 Ordibehesht 1362 [17 May 1983].  The review of your file with the attached letter of protestation [and related] documents commenced on 10 Khordad 1362 [31 May 1983] and concluded on 12 Khordad 1362 [2 June 1983]. The unanimous verdict of the Admissions Council is as follows;

1- Because of remaining in the perverted [religion]

2 -

3 -

4 -

5 -

Based on:

The report of the Investigatory team -----, Available evidence and documentation -----, Reliable evidence of the Admissions Council –X--, Your own admission –X--; according to judicial and disciplinary organizations and institutions ----- and in view of your claim of repentance and the criteria for dealing with individuals who claim to repent -----, according to Article/Articles One, Paragraph D, of the Executive Regulations (second stage) and the suspended students (first stage), as set out in notification number 172/M, dated 29 Farvardin 1362 [18 April 1983], from the Minister of Culture and Higher Education to the universities, it is -----, is not –X-- approved that you may continue your education

Indefinitely----- your enrolment is suspended and you can continue your studies provided you do not contravene your statement of remorse and recantation within this period.

In view of the foregoing, you are not permitted to request a certificate, per the requirements for the granting of degrees or associate diplomas, approved on 22 Shahrivar 1361 [13 September 1982] at the Headquarters of the Cultural Revolution.

In the event of objection to this decision, you may submit an appeal by registered post to the dean of the university with your arguments and [supporting] documents within 10 days of receipt of this letter, [together] with your precise address for further consideration, so [that the dean can] forward your appeal together with your enrolment file to the Central Council for its final decision.


Attention: You are directed to refrain from repeated and unnecessary contact with the university or other responsible authorities.

1- Appeals without a correct address will not be considered.

2- After receiving your appeal and file, the Central Council will respond by the end of the current year.


Preamble: To hear further explanation and guidance you may contact the Public Relations Office of the Admissions Council.

[Signature over official stamp]