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In the Name of God


Date: 16 Farvardin 1394 [5 April 2015]


Esteemed Chairman of the Human Rights Commission of Kermanshah Bar Association


This is to inform you that in 1393 [2015], I, Taraneh Ghiami, submitted a request to the Court of Administrative Justice against the National Educational Assessment and Evaluation Organization.

Unfortunately, the Court of Administrative Justice is delaying the issuance of the order, and the frequent face-to-face visits of my father and me have had no effect on expediting the case. It is feared that religious prejudices and religious fanaticism has been an obstacle to my obtaining justice in this case. Considering that an important part of this request is related to human rights issues, I request that esteemed commission to aid me with its guidance and support in the path of justice.

The text of the prepared petition is attached.

With respect

Taraneh Ghiami