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His Excellency Dr. Sami, Health Minister

Date 15 Mehr 1358 [7 October 1979]


With respect:

I, Dr. Tahereh Berjis, specialist in pediatrics from the United States, have, since Bahman 1355 [February 1977], with the full approval of hospital officials, carried out medical services as the head of pediatrics at the Misaghiyyeh Hospital, and within this period have done my duties with utmost perseverance.

As you may have noticed, this hospital, which was administered by the Iranian Baha’i Community, has recently been taken under the jurisdiction of Bonyad e-Mostazafan Foundation.

On Sunday, 25 Shahrivar 1358 [16 September 1979], I was verbally advised, on behalf of Dr. Sadeghi, who was apparently given the responsibility for the administration of hospitals, that they were not keen to continue utilizing my services, owing to my religious belief and adherence to the Baha’i Faith.  This issue was confirmed for the second time by him at a face-to-face meeting, where he insulted me and mentioned that [my] contract with the previous board of directors lacked any value, and they were not prepared to provide any written document to that effect.  It is necessary to explain that this ruling has been applied to all Baha’i doctors, which includes a significant number of specialists in various fields practicing at the Misaghiyyeh Hospital.

This act is a direct insult to the medical profession, as the doctors oath is administered regardless of religious belief.  Given the dire need for medical services, this is an anti-revolutionary act and in contradiction to Article 26 of the recent constitution of the country.  I am therefore requesting that the necessary investigations be carried out regarding this case, so that the right of doctors who have served their countrymen is protected.   Your action in this case is much appreciated in advance.

With regards,


Dr. Tahereh Berjis

Telephone: [redacted]

Ministry of Health

15 Mehr 1358 [7 October 1979]

Number: 15530