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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Adapted from website:] Radio Zamaneh

[Date:] 29 Mehr 1394 [21 October 2015]


Triple Indecency

Omid Mohammadzadeh

From Zamaneh Tribune

After the revolution, three great catastrophes occurred in Iran, and the current government is undoubtedly directly responsible for these catastrophes. All three catastrophes are considered as crimes against humanity. In order to prove these crimes, the international organizations need PRIMA FACIE evidence. But many Iranians have closely witnessed these crimes, and those who have not seen them can, with the least effort and investigation, find tens of trusted people who have witnessed the occurrence of these catastrophes.

Here, we are talking about the perception of the people whose compatriots have been victims of these catastrophes; for instance, those who do not like the Jews and deny or undermine the Holocaust are accused of spreading hatred and hate speech. But if the French Jews are not familiar with the Holocaust or undermine it, in the most optimistic case, this phenomenon should be called the collective impudence of the French Jews. All three crimes against humanity have met with the same fate, in the public belief of the Iranians. Without any compliments, it should be called the Triple National Indecency.

The first catastrophe was the annihilation of the organized Baha’i community of Iran. After the revolution one hundred thousand of our Baha’i compatriots were forcibly displaced from their towns and villages just for being Baha’i. They confiscated their agricultural lands, set on fire and burned their homes and shops, and killed a few Baha’is who were the leaders of the Baha’i community. They were deprived of the right to continue their education. Ultimately, the situation became such that even the deceased Baha’is became a trouble for their families.

Iranian Baha’is have double dedication to their homeland. The prophet of Baha’is was Iranian and a great deal of their religious heritage is revealed in the Persian language. Leaving Iran is the last resort for the Baha’is. Currently, the burial of the deceased and looking after the graves of their relatives in cemeteries are the greatest challenges for the Baha’is who have remained in Iran. It is as if death has been forbidden for the Baha’is in the land of their ancestors.

During the past decades, this catastrophe has been happening before our eyes and continues to happen, but has never been reflected extensively at the community level. People do not even talk about the troubles of their Baha’i neighbours in their private parties. Some have even believed the rumours of the political regime regarding the Baha’is. Some people did not have any patience to listen to the grievances of Baha’is, and this situation is still going on. I will give an example of myself.

Like other Iranians, I would like to distance myself from the unfortunate era of Ahmadinejad and I wish that the country would return to normal. At the beginning of the formation of Hassan Rouhani’s government, when I was reading the content of Baha’i activists on social media, who were publishing the Hojjatieh and anti-Baha’i records of some government officials of Hassan Rouhani’s government, I would ask myself, why they are sticking to this subject and why do they hate the Hojjatieh [Society] so much? Even this personal conversation is shameful. Members of this damnable society, which systematically displaced the Baha’i compatriots, are now in the government of moderation. The only thing they are not worried about is the disclosure of their anti-Baha’i records.

Is all this widespread obliviousness and pervasive carelessness really called anything but national indecency?...