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Islamic Republic of Iran

In the Name of God

Number: 137769

Date: 4 Tir 1374 [25 June 1995]

Enclosure -----

Ministry of Defence and Support for the Armed Forces

From: Department of Insurance and Retirement (Madab)

To: Retired Chief Warrant Officer Heshmatollah Moharram

Subject: Report of response sent on 16 Khordad 1374 [6 June 1995]



With reference to letter number 603-05/1-21, dated 24 Farvardin 1360 [31 April 1981], of the Ministry of Defence, effective 1 Ordibehesht 1360 [21 April 1981], your pension is suspended because of your adherence to the perverse Baha’i sect. This organization is therefore unable to take any action in response to your appeal.


Brigadier General Kamaloddin Emami

From: [name and signature]

30 Khordad 1374 [20 June 1995]


[Administrative charges paid]