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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Adapted from website:] www.newsaqar.com

[Date:] 29 Bahman 1387 [17 February 2009]


Declaration of Support by Writers and Journalists of Kurdistan For Baha’is In Relation to the Recent Activities of Islamic Republic Against the Followers of the Baha’i Faith


Universal House of Justice

Human Rights Organizations in Iran

Human Rights Organizations in the World

Secretary General of the United Nations



News media reports from the Islamic Republic’s and other unofficial sources indicate that “Office of Leadership of Islamic Republic” with a directive to the intelligence, security, army, and police agencies across Iran, according to its’ old cliché ways of “calling the Baha’i Faith a misleading sect” and “its’ relationship to world Zionism” and “necessity of intensified opposition to Baha’is”in Iran and the letter of “the Attorney General” to “Ministry of Intelligence” of the Islamic Republic, has affirmed its’ repressive determination to design and execute a systematic crime against humanity and against the followers of the Baha’i Faith in Iran.

Not only calling any religious group with followers around the world a “misleading sect” is not within the qualifications of any human being but also it is so outdated and extinct that brings to mind “the dark ages”, “the middle ages”, “age of inquisition”, “abuse of the influence of religion on human beings by misinterpretation of the exalted meanings of religion by few charlatans in the robe of religion and government.”

Our first question is this: who gives the right to the lords of blood, death and crime to accuse as “the misleading sect”, “party of Satan”, ”the hands of arrogance”, “traitor”, “mercenary”, “spy”,… any religious, national, denominational, ethnic, and political group that thinks differently—that is seeking peace, freedom, democracy and those fighting against a dead and misshaped pseudo-ideology called Islamic Republic.

Certainly, human thinking today by accepting pluralism in all of its dimensions, such as religious, national, denominational, language, political, cultural, and social and others, has as its’ value “the human being” and “humaneness”. And, as a result, it accepts as legitimate other related entities and considers itself in charge of considering and safeguarding the physical and spiritual rights of diverse religious, national, denominational, language, cultural, and social groups.

The spirit of the age today is to fight all manner of persecution, be it religious, national, denominational, language, cultural, or social and has accepted … along with pluralism as an evident and essential principle and after defining pluralism, has been moving all activities of human rights organizations, of human rights activists, writers, journalists, enlightened thinkers, and even governing regimes, in the direction of respect for the “other” when it comes to different thinking or different style.

The new directive of the “office of leadership” and “the attorney general” to the ministry of intelligence of the Islamic Republic on the need for fighting “the Baha’ism” and the calling them with the empty and unfounded “dependent on world Zionist organization” once again demonstrate how the regime of the Islamic Republic, unable to make up  medium- or large-scale conspiracy on the international level and fearful of the consequences of crisis building among Iran’s ethnic groups, and in order to cover up the near breakdown of the regime, has chosen for the umpteenth time the same politics of “conspiracy theories” and “repression” and this time it has targeted the followers of the Baha’i Faith in Iran.

We, the writers and journalists of Kurdistan – due to our duty as human beings – while informing the people of Kurdistan, in particular, and people of Iran, in general, of the fact that “the holy places of the Baha’is and their world center”, were formed eighty years before the creation of Israel during the Ottoman empire in the two cities of Haifa and Aka and that they possess an independent and unique religious administration and that the founder of the Baha’i Faith was exiled to that land on order from the then government of Iran and that there is fundamentally no relationship between Zionism which is entirely political and the Baha’i Faith which has religious foundations, we declare our full support for “Kurdish Baha’is” , “no-Kurdish Baha’is residing in Kurdistan”, “around three hundred and fifty thousand followers of the Baha’is Faith in Iran (the largest non-Muslim religious minority in Iran) and over six million Baha’is around the world – a fact that has made them the second most largely spread religious group on Earth – while condemning the decision of the near-breakdown government of the Islamic Republic about the necessity of fighting the “people of Baha” in Iran, declare our readiness, both in writing and fighting, to remove these old and false accusations. We also sincerely expect the human rights organizations of the world, and parties and political groups of Kurdistan, and other ethnic groups in Iran, with their official condemnation of this inquisition, of the plan to further repress “friends of peace and reconciliation” (people of Baha), and of “the new holocaust” not to spare any effort.