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In the Name of God, the Compassionate the Merciful

The Director of the Department of Education of Hamadan Province

The Honourable Mr. Emami, With due respect and greetings, we, a group of students at Parvin E’tesami High School, are seeking your kind attention to a matter of concern that has occupied our minds for the past few days.

An injustice has occurred in our school and has caused a great deal of sadness to the students. The services of one of our very dear and respected teachers, Mrs. Asfiaei—who holds a bachelor’s degree in foreign languages, a master’s degree in literature, and master’s degree in law—was terminated  for her beliefs in the Baha’i Faith, and for moral corruption. Herein we present to you that the whole time when she was our teacher, not only did she not say a word about her faith to us, but with [illegible] and through her firm moral character, she managed to attract not only the students’ respect but also the high regards of all her colleagues. 

Herein we not only speak of the injustices carried out against the above-mentioned teacher of ours, but also for all Baha’is—including her maternal uncle and her sister’s husband. We are wondering about the way that the imam’s orders are being carried out. During “cleansing” efforts in offices and organizations, the imam’s purpose was to discharge non-Muslims; yet we see members of SAVAK and those who were involved with torturing people walking freely among us. Is this justice—especially with attention to the imam’s recent order for general mobilization for literacy efforts? Is it correct to have someone with three degrees sit at home?   

With attention to the matter that in an Islamic country where the laws of Islam [illegible] are to lead, are such injustices permissible? Did the holy Prophet tell idol worshipers and non-Muslims [of His time] that they had no right to work and must die of hunger? Are we more revolutionary than the Prophet of Islam now?

When in many countries, such as India, where divers religious groups live, and no religion or sect is superior to any other, is it just that in a country [like ours]—where so many people drank the cup of martyrdom for the cause of freedom from discrimination and injustice—we now witness such discrimination and injustice? 

Our united desire [as students] is to establish justice. Based on items 14 and 23 of the Constitution regarding the rights of non-Muslims, we request the immediate reinstatement of Mrs. Asfiaei in her position. Knowing your honour prompts us to hope that you will rectify this injustice as soon as possible.


[Signed:] A large number of students of Parvin E’tesami High School