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Islamic Republic of Iran

Ministry of Health and Welfare

Regional Health and Welfare of Karaj

[Number:] 30044

[Date:] 12/1359 [February/ March 1981]


To: Finance Office of Karaj Regional Health

From: The Personnel Office

In accordance with the letter number 15218 – [dated] 16/9/1359 [7 December 1980] of the Regional Health Organization of Tehran Province, concerning  Mr. Mashiatollah Misaghi, assistant hygienist of infectious diseases for this region, given that the aforementioned has been on pre-retirement leave since 16/6/1359 [7 September 1980], and he is affiliated with the  Baha’i sect, please instruct that the payment of his salary and benefits be suspended until further notice. 

Dr. Ma’navi

[illegible stamp]

Director of Karaj Regional Health

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Mr [illegible]

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