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Ministry of the Interior

General Governorate of the Eighth Province


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Date: ----- Month ----- 133 -----

Date: ----- Month ----- 133 -----


Copy of letter number 10498 dated 27 Aban 1331 [18 November 1952] Army Division 7 Kerman

The General Governorate of the Eighth Province, following communication number 10498, dated 21 Aban 1331 [12 November 1952], since the situation of Rafsanjan has returned to normalcy, and law and order has been re-established, has issued an instruction to have the dispatched military of 1Azar 1331 [22 November 1952] return to the army headquarters. Kindly have the gendarmerie and police force agents be thoroughly vigilant and attentive, to prevent any kind of sinister incitement. Necessary notifications are to be dispatched to the general governorate and the army, in order [for them] to take the necessary decisions on time, thus preventing any possible misfortune.

Commander of the Army Division 7 [of] Kerman & Mokran

General [illegible] Malekara


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