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Ministry of the Interior

Provincial Governorate of the Tenth Province


Shahreza, - The Governorate Office

It is believed that some of inhabitants of Shahreza have instigated the other residents to plot against the Baha’is, wanting to plot and expel the Baha’is from the city. Please investigate the issue and if it is warranted, ensure that no incident will take place to disturb the order. Sufficient instructions been issued to the garrison by the army.

1- 5 Farvardin 1323 [25 March 1944] [illegible]


Shahreza, - Mr. Alireza Kian - According to the information received, a group of inhabitants of Shahreza has been persuaded by some to plot against the Baha’is. The governorate office had been instructed, but because it is the election time, it is expected that you will provide Mr. Ashrafi with intellectual support and be vigilant, so that no incident may disturb the order.

2- 5 Farvardin 1323 [25 March 1944] [illegible]